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5 responses to “Campus Placements 2012-2013”

  1. Chockalingam

    Good article. Would be even better if the number of students who registered for placements branch wise was mentioned against the number of students in the branch.

  2. Chockalingam

    Would also be really good if the sector wise distribution was given for every branch.

  3. Tsquare

    Shrewdly analysed considering the 2 features:
    (1)Conversions based on PPP
    (2)Median-wise data

  4. Bhushan

    Names of all visited companies would greatly help readers…

  5. Ramji

    Whilst there is a lot of stats and news about Campus placement, it would be nice to do the same for students who go for higher studies, both within India and abroad (Please other than MBA’s)..

    Also, what is the join rate? need to track this down to the join rate.