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B. Techs? You Mean Beat-X!
B. Techs? You Mean Beat-X!"What happened was that I took a piece of wood, cut it out and went to the workshop superintendent and told him, “I want to make a guitar”, and he seemed thrilled with the...


Exchange Stories: When in Montreal
Exchange Stories: When in Montreal"The semester abroad had however made me realize the depth to which I loved my life and friends at IIT. This was probably the most valuable lesson that I had learnt -- to appreciate...

Dean's Column

T5E Interviews: A New DoST
T5E Interviews: A New DoST" ...all freedom comes with responsibility, which we learnt along the way". In this interview, T5E talks to the new Dean of Students, Dr. Sivakumar Srinivasan about his plans and his time at IITM...


Insti and the Lok Sabha Elections
Insti and the Lok Sabha ElectionsDid insti students think Narendra Modi would become our new PM? Find out in the results of a T5E survey on voting trends for the Lok Sabha elections 2014.


IITM Shines at SportsFest 2014
IITM Shines at SportsFest 2014T5E brings you the highlights of the past week's inter-college SportsFest 2014, hosted on IITM grounds.


A Lifetime of Achievement
A Lifetime of Achievement"You have to try to do something impossible. When you encounter a problem like this, don’t give up. Focus on it. One day, you will come up with a solution. This what I...


Ending Sexual Violence: Colloquium
Ending Sexual Violence: Colloquium"Since when is raping winning?" The flippant usage of the word 'rape' in insti lingo was one among the many issues discussed enthusiastically at the first Colloquium event of the year.


Thespian Club
Thespian ClubT5E talks to the Thespian Club conveners about their plans for the coming year.


An Open Letter to ISRO on the Eve of Mangalyaan’s Tryst with Mars
An Open Letter to ISRO on the Eve of Mangalyaan’s Tryst with Mars"In the elite club of space faring nations, ISRO, you remind me a lot of the poor school kid. The richer nations do have a lot of resources and capabilities at their disposal, and...


Campus Placements: An Incomplete Choice
Campus Placements: An Incomplete ChoiceRather than asking ourselves the question “What is it that I want to do after insti?”, the question that is often asked is “Which of these companies (that are coming to insti to hire)...


Walking on Water
Walking on Water"An average Indian could come and ask: ‘Have you solved any of my problems?’ Take one IIT and ask, what problem did it solve?” The research team on water, led by Prof. T. Pradeep of...


Once You Cross That Finish Line…
Once You Cross That Finish Line…Bindu Upadhyay (ED09), alumna and Ex-Student Head of the IITM Runners Club, shares with T5E her experience of being part of the running culture of insti.