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“Move That Coin Away”: A Message from an Alumnus
“Move That Coin Away”: A Message from an AlumnusDr. Narayanan Sankaran, an alumnus of our Institute, draws from his experiences and presents a message to the student body on dealing with difficult situations.


Humans of Insti: The Mobile Store
Humans of Insti: The Mobile Store"Sales peak somewhat during exam times. It could be because students don't go outside so much when they have exams. They may like to munch on my biscuits or chips when they sit and...

Dean's Column

On Mess Food and Services
On Mess Food and ServicesProf. LS Ganesh, Dean (Students), writes to the students on mess food and services to answer common questions and provide clarifications.


Manifesto Review: International and Alumni Relations Secretary — Jithin Sam Varghese
Manifesto Review: International and Alumni Relations Secretary — Jithin Sam VargheseCurious about how much of those election manifestos actually get executed? Read on to find out about the first International and Alumni Relations Secretary, Jithin Sam Varghese's tenure, and how many of his election-time...


Live Levitation Sessions at IITM
Live Levitation Sessions at IITMThe Swami has expressed his willingness to conduct weekly levitation sessions for the residents of the campus: “IIT Madras has an environment that is naturally conducive to such awakening. The banyan trees around campus...


Changing the face of Industrial Research: An interview with S. K. Brahmachari
Changing the face of Industrial Research: An interview with S. K. BrahmachariProf. S. K. Brahmachari, the former Director-General of the Council of Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR) was here on campus for an EML on 28th January. Among his many initiatives as DG-CSIR, was the...


Beyond the Gates: Taramani Food Crawl
Beyond the Gates: Taramani Food CrawlFor all those who want the Chennai street food experience and aren’t too snooty to actually try it, T5E presents a series of food crawls – an area-wise assessment of the top five push...


Taramandal: A Review
Taramandal: A ReviewThe Thespian Club’s theatre group Stagecoach took their production out this year with ‘Taramandal’. The play was performed at T.N. Rajaratnam Auditorium in R.A. Puram, on the 25th of October. Taramandal’s author, Neel Chaudhuri,...


A Time For Reflection
A Time For ReflectionNithyanand Rao writes an opinion piece on the manner of men who are invited to speak at IITM, in the context of the recent lecture by Swami Isa on "Science and Happiness".


Campus Placements: An Incomplete Choice
Campus Placements: An Incomplete ChoiceRather than asking ourselves the question “What is it that I want to do after insti?”, the question that is often asked is “Which of these companies (that are coming to insti to hire)...


Made in Insti: AmrutDhara
Made in Insti: AmrutDharaIn this edition of Made in Insti, T5E's series on startups by insti students and alumni, Isha tells us all about AmrutDhara, which seeks to provide an alternative to expensive, wasteful bottled water by...


Memoirs of Inter-IIT 2013
Memoirs of Inter-IIT 2013IIT Madras' performance at inter-IIT 2013.