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Let No One Tell You…
Let No One Tell You…"And remember, we’re in this together. Persistence. Perseverance. Thirst for knowledge. Curiosity. Not your past. Not your background. Not who you were. What matters is who you want to be." Sujeet Gholap, an alumnus from the...


Humans of Insti: The Mobile Store
Humans of Insti: The Mobile Store"Sales peak somewhat during exam times. It could be because students don't go outside so much when they have exams. They may like to munch on my biscuits or chips when they sit and...

Dean's Column

On Mess Food and Services
On Mess Food and ServicesProf. LS Ganesh, Dean (Students), writes to the students on mess food and services to answer common questions and provide clarifications.


Insti and the Lok Sabha Elections
Insti and the Lok Sabha ElectionsDid insti students think Narendra Modi would become our new PM? Find out in the results of a T5E survey on voting trends for the Lok Sabha elections 2014.


A Night to Remember
A Night to RememberA living legend. A father-son duo. An heir to an old tradition. And an acknowledged maestro. Our report of Day 6 of SPIC MACAY InterCon.


Bridging the Gap: An Interview With Dr. Mahesh Panchagnula
Bridging the Gap: An Interview With Dr. Mahesh Panchagnula"I have a feeling that if we figured out a way to hold a yearlong Shaastra, both our students and outside students could benefit in the longer run. It’ll be like four days of...


Beyond the Gates: Taramani Food Crawl
Beyond the Gates: Taramani Food CrawlFor all those who want the Chennai street food experience and aren’t too snooty to actually try it, T5E presents a series of food crawls – an area-wise assessment of the top five push...


Out In The Open: The Saarang Misappropriation Scandal
Out In The Open: The Saarang Misappropriation Scandal"It is common knowledge amongst the Institute’s students that this investment (in Saarang) is not always directed towards the benefit of the fest at large and the Cores, who have decision-making powers over most...


Are Core Treats Justified?
Are Core Treats Justified?Should the cores be allowed to spend sponsorship money on themselves, within a reasonable limit? What happens if the system goes wrong and this limit is exceeded? A lot of tough questions need to...


Campus Placements: An Incomplete Choice
Campus Placements: An Incomplete ChoiceRather than asking ourselves the question “What is it that I want to do after insti?”, the question that is often asked is “Which of these companies (that are coming to insti to hire)...


Walking on Water
Walking on Water"An average Indian could come and ask: ‘Have you solved any of my problems?’ Take one IIT and ask, what problem did it solve?” The research team on water, led by Prof. T. Pradeep of...


A Shark’s Tale
A Shark’s Tale"The biggest compliment was yet to come. A Roorkee alumnus from Tattu’s time compared my skills to Tattu himself. That had been my dream since I had started playing for insti. I remembered my...